About Us

The Blue Pages Directory is the largest commercial and industrial encyclopedia in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, issued by the Riyadh Chamber, issued by Arafa Jeddah, issued by the Makkah Chamber, issued by Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, excellence, credibility and spread, the largest informational reference for commercial and industrial establishments in the Kingdom, complete updating of information, widespread within The Kingdom and outside the Kingdom, through the website, the mobile application, and the printed directory, the ability to search for data by name and activity, and we have the expertise and energies that qualify us to provide our services to meet the needs of our customers dealing with us through the largest industrial and informational trade encyclopedia and the most widespread inside and outside the Kingdom with free distribution Through the Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Our Story

We have been working since 2003 with great experience in the field of advertising.

OUR Mission

Our mission is to satisfy all customers and owners of commercial and industrial businesses of all kinds by achieving a wider spread and ease of searching for your business easily.

Our Vision

Establishing a cooperative and participatory work environment between the various sectors and activities to create a high level of organization and reliability.